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12 used Home Theater SEATING movie chairs seats Only 5 years old!

Used theater seating. Home theater seating. Movie chairs.
For your consideration…used theater seats :

Lot of 12 Mobiliario used Alessandria fixed back used theater seats.
2 rows of 6 chairs
12 backs, 12 seat bottoms, 14 center legs. No end panels.
Available now. In stock ready to ship! 
Location: Los Angeles CA area.
Price: $2,500.00 INCLUDING SHIPPING! (To the 48 contiguous United States)
See pictures.
Allused theater seats are made to go onto a level floor. Can be installed on a sloped floor using a simple shim.
Questions, please feel free to contact us!
All of these theater chairs have fixed cup holder armrests.
Fixed backs.
Real commercial theater / church / auditorium seating.
Back and seat bottom foam cushions.
Lift-up seat bottom.
See pictures.
Lot contains:
Mostly 21″ and 22″ wide chairs. Measured center to center.
Height: 38″ high.
Fixed back.
Lift up cup holder armrests.
Only 5 years old. 21″ and 22″
A row of 6 chairs @ the 22″ width are 137″ wide overall.
A row of 6 chairs @ the 21″ width are 131″ wide overall.

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